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Artistar Jewels at Milano Jewellery Week

Laconic's been selected for Artistar Jewels at Milano Jewellery Week.

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Upcoming Events & Exhibitions

Find out where you can see Laconic jewels in person and meet the maker.

Christmas at Newbattle Abbey

The last event of the season where you can find Lindsay in her Scottish homeland for some festive shopping at this gorgeous venue.

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Christmas at The Briggait

Laconics first ever Glasgow event! Come find Lindsay in The Briggait for the 3D2D Christmas Fair.

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Country Living Christmas Fair x GBX

Laconic has been selected by The Great Brand Exchange as one of 12 brands showcasing in their pavilion for Country Living Christmas Fair.

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Find out more about the bespoke process and information on precious metals and gemstones.

What makes diamonds ethical?

What makes diamonds ethical? Are lab grown diamonds the answer? Find out more about lab grown diamonds.

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What is Eco-Silver?

Wondering what 'eco-silver' is and what makes it different from 'recycled silver'? Find out more about these two terms used to describe silver jewellery.

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Things you should know before commissioning a piece of jewellery

Looking to commission a piece to jewellery to celebrate a special occasion? Here's some pro-active tips on making the most from your bespoke experience.

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