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Permanent Jewellery

An everlasting bond that celebrates connection.


Permanent jewellery is a unique way to symbolise the bonds shared between friends and family.

Cherish these experiences together, whether it's a milestone or other special occasion, let's create a piece of jewellery to celebrate.

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The selection of chains and charms are modern and elegant. Allowing you to personalise a timeless treasure to wear everyday.

During your experience Lindsay will tailor your selected chain for your bracelet, ring, necklace or anklet, ensuring a perfect fit.


Your chosen chains and charms are then bonded together. This creates an everlasting connection, with no beginning or end.

A seamless piece of jewellery, that's as individual as you are.

A symbol of unity, infinity and everlasting love.



Permanent Jewellery North East

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what to expect

The 'SPARK' Experience

Permanent jewellery is an exciting and personalised experience, especially when shared with others.

Once chosen, chains and charms are connected using an electrical spark, ensuring a lasting bond.

Step 1: Select chain

Choose from a variety of sterling silver and gold-filled chains.

This is tailored to fit, ensuring a comfortable piece of jewellery.

Chains are sourced in the UK and are made using recycled metals, where possible.

Step 2: Choose charms

Charms and connectors are optional, but these really allow you to personalise your jewellery.

There's a variety to choose from, including birthstone charms.

You can even have initials metal stamped on the day.

Step 3: Bond with a SPARK

Your selected chain and charms are now bonded together to create an everlasting connection.

Using state of the art welding equipment, this is a safe process where an electrical spark seals the join on the chain link.



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Answers to your permanent jewellery questions

What is permanent jewellery?

Permanent jewellery is a process that eliminates the need for a traditional clasp by welding the chain ends together. Ensuring a secure and lasting bond, this type of jewellery is symbolic of everlasting connection. A popular choice for people celebrating relationships.

Is it safe?

Yes, of course. Jewellery is welded using a high quality precision welder, developed especially for permanent jewellery. It works by creating an electrical pulse, using a spark to weld the chain link, without touching your skin. There is a bright flash of UV light emitted and a tiny bit of heat where the join is. You're in safe hands, Lindsay has over 15 years jewellery industry experience and has completed certified training to carry out permanent jewellery services, you'll be provided with specialist goggles and a leather patch to protect your skin.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, however, anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. It's not recommended for younger children as they're growing all the time and can easily out-grow a permanent piece of jewellery.

Are there any restrictions on who can get permanent jewellery?

Yes, anyone with a pacemaker fitted should not get welded jewellery.

What if I want it removed?

No problem, there may be a time when you need your permanent jewellery removed. Simply cut the chain using a pair of scissors (if it's a thicker chain, you may need to try using nail clippers, or side cutter pliers). If you ever need it re-welded, this can be carried out for a small fee. Alternatively, a clasp can be fitted if you'd prefer to have a removable item.

If you're unsure if you need a piece of jewellery removed, e.g. for a medical scan, consult your doctor beforehand and they'll let you know.

can i wear it through airport security?

Yes you can. The metals used in permanent jewellery, like silver and gold, are not magnetic and won't set off any alarms.

can i wear it in water?

Yes you can, but there are a few things to note. If you're wearing it in the sea/swimming pool it's possible the salt/chlorine can tarnish your jewellery. It's recommended you rinse this straight after. Follow our care instructions to retain brightness and shine.

Can I wear it playing sports?

Normally fine chains are okay to wear whilst playing sports. But with any chains, there is risk that it can be pulled, resulting in damage or breaking. If you play sports regularly, you may want to consider attaching a clasp.

Can i return my permanent jewellery?

This is a tailored service, custom fitted to you and for that reason we're unable to accept returns for welded jewellery. If you've got any questions, email with the subject line 'Spark'.