Unearth tales not yet forgotten.

Scottish folklore is shaped by the places where our ancestors lived.

The mountains, forests and sea each had their own mysteries that were met with tales, myths and legends which would be passed down generations…or lost forever.


A powerful Goddess, Beira is said to have been the creator and Mother of Scotland. She wielded a magic hammer and when she struck this on the ground the dirt became as hard as iron. When she struck again, mountains were formed and Beira continued to shape and splinter the rocks. Had she not done so, she wouldn’t be able to tell one from the other as she roamed across the land. 

Beira was most powerful during the winter and reigned throughout this season, casting her icy blasts across the land. Many other tales tell of stormy conflicts that enraged Beira, causing her powers and beauty to fade. She eventually fled the mainland to the Green Isle to replenish before her return after Summer.

This tale of Beira reminds us to embrace our inner strength, connect with nature and to show self-compassion.

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Inspired by Beira