Discover Laconic Jewellery

Be immersed in a world of symbolism, myths and storytelling…

“Born into a land which is famed for its storytelling, I’ve been captivated by the folklore, myths and symbolism embedded into places once travelled”. - Lindsay


Laconic jewellery encourages you to embrace the true nature and power of jewellery, as a way to express yourself and tell your story through the jewels you wear — using few or little words.

In bold, sculptural fine jewellery, Lindsay translates stories and symbols from Scottish folklore narratives which are still relevant in the modern world. 

Each piece is designed to capture the imagination and embodies the artistry of storytelling with traditional crafts(wo)manship. Talismans and armour for the modern day. Lindsay creates pieces embedded with deeper meaning and symbolism. 

Inspired by storytelling, Lindsay re-tells these stories through selective text which conjures up memories of places once travelled. Those same landscapes that would’ve shaped these folktales long ago are used to influence designs.

Each design creates and reflects meaning for its wearer to encourage self-expression — to be a bit bolder and creative with your style — whilst allowing you to tell your own story through the piece you wear.

Fine jewellery crafted with symbolic undertones to connect you to moments in time, places once travelled, that celebrate you and those around you. 


“Growing up in Fife, Scotland, the folklore and mysteries surrounding the sea, forests and mountains always surrounded me. Travelling around these places, I remember certain areas being referred to by the myth associated with them. Sometimes the stories about these places were long forgotten unspoken tales. 

Studying 3D Design allowed me to combine two of my passions, drawing and design. During this course I took the opportunity to study abroad, where I became fascinated visiting other countries, experiencing cultures and history. Whilst visiting museums I became intrigued with objects, the stories they told and the history surrounding them. 

Jewellery that had been buried underground showed amazing detail and craftsmanship, with symbols and meanings surrounding each piece telling stories of forgotten cultures. 

This deeper understanding of the power of jewellery inspired me to create pieces with more meaning. By exploring my own Scottish heritage, I have a better understanding of the mysteries and symbolism surrounding the landscapes I grew up in. 

Jewellery has the power to tell a story. I believe it connects us to people and the world around us — to celebrate life, create memories and retain its charm and symbolism as a way to express ourselves, our creativity and imagination.”

“Throughout my life I’ve always been creative, drawing from a young age and having a keen interest in design. These two passions led me to study 3D Design, combining them both. Transforming ideas into objects, using my hands as the tools for creation is such an exciting experience!” - Lindsay


Jewellery with meaning and sentiment should be made to last. Choosing precious metals and gemstones that are timeless, crafting them with a modern design-led aesthetic. Laconic jewellery is made to be worn — by you, becoming part of your life story.

Each piece is handcrafted individually by Lindsay using traditional Goldsmithing techniques in her County Durham studio. The ancient art of wax carving and lost wax casting is at the essence of Laconic jewellery, allowing for freedom to create more intricate and sculptural forms. These are then hand-fabricated afterwards to transform them into adornments. 

Laconic jewellery is traditionally made, but with a modern mindset and careful consideration to sourcing materials responsibly, using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Crafted in small batches and made to order, helps reduce our impact on the environment and places that inspire!