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Laconic jewellery is a fusion of traditional craft and storytelling with modern design-led fine jewellery.

Take a glimpse at the studio to see designs unfold…

“Design can be a lengthy process. Starting with reading, stories inspire me to draw, revealing shapes, forms and symbols that can be used to inform jewellery collections. Through craftsmanship, these ideas evolve with each mark made by the hand tools, usually revealing designs through the process”. - Lindsay


Lindsays design process starts with reading Scottish folktales. Storytelling is a long established part of Scottish culture, with each region having its own myths and legends. These are informed by the changing landscape and experiences of the people living there long ago. Interestingly, Scottish folklore contains more female heroines than most, with many stories relative in today's modern society. 

Narrative from these stories allows Lindsay to draw upon selective text which is embodied with meaning and symbolism. Imagining the landscapes where these tales would unfold, along with the deeper symbolism informs drawings, creating shapes and forms that encapsulate the essence of these stories. 

These drawings inform the next stage, creative exploration in wax.


Lost wax carving and casting is one of the skills used to create Laconic pieces. It's one of the most ancient methods of making jewellery, dating back around 6000 years. It was commonly used to make sculpture, ornaments and, of course, jewellery! 

Wax comes in a variety of forms with varying flexibility. Lindsay carefully chooses which wax to work in based upon the complexity and detail within the design. The carving process is one she finds relaxing, with each stage of the process having its own ritual.

The wax is sawn, filed and prepared before carving, using a variety of tools to achieve different marks on the surface. During this process, Lindsay finds that the design reveals itself within the wax as it is being carved, with each mark made revealing another detail. 

Once these shapes are formed, they are then sent off to master craftsmen to cast using the lost wax casting method. This is a specialised technique in itself, where the waxes are positioned to look like a ‘tree’ and encased in a plaster mould. The wax is burnt out, leaving an impression for the molten metal to be poured in. 

These require more work before they can be made into jewellery…


The casts are tidied up ready to be made into final pieces of jewellery. Lindsay uses this time to revisit design ideas and explore how these metal forms may be assembled into wearable pieces of jewellery. 

Each design takes a lot of consideration to different elements, down to the tiniest detail, such as a clasp. Once Lindsay has crafted a few samples, any changes are made before creating the final collection pieces. 

These pieces are hand assembled using traditional Goldsmithing techniques. Stones are chosen for their unique qualities to compliment the design and further imbue the piece with meaning and symbolism. 

Laconics lengthy craft process is one that ensures careful consideration to each detail. This creates an opportunity for you to have something tailored and customised, that truly expresses your individuality and tells your story.