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You may have an idea already of the bespoke piece you’d like, it may even be the beginnings of an idea, but you can work with Lindsay to develop this further. During the design process you’ll be asked questions to ensure that we are on the same page when it comes to the special piece you’d like crafted. 


Lindsay has over 10 years of industry experience, using this knowledge, we can work together to design something as individual as the person wearing it. Lindsay’s passionate about telling stories through jewellery design and aims to capture this within your bespoke piece.


Careful consideration is taken to each jewel crafted in the workshop. Materials are sourced sustainably, using recycled and traceable materials whenever possible. You’ll be updated with the progress of your piece as it’s being crafted. Upon completion, your item will be presented with the story of its creation.

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Design & Production

You’ll work closely with Lindsay to share design ideas and inspiration via an in-person or online informal chat. This starts to form a brief for the design and allows Lindsay to do some rough sketches to get a feel for the design direction. 

A technical sketch will then be rendered, to show what your design may look like from different angles. Very occasionally, Lindsay may create a piece in wax or silver to better visualise how your piece will look. 

You’ll then have the opportunity to view your designs/samples. At Laconic we can also provide gemstone samples for you to view before this sketching stage as they may inform the overall design of your jewellery. 

Once you’ve chosen your design and the accompanying elements, Lindsay can then start to craft your piece. The time this takes depends upon the complexity of your design but can range anywhere from 6-12 weeks.

Create your bespoke piece

Create your own bespoke piece

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Bespoke Resources

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How do I start the design process?

The bespoke jewellery design process starts with filling out a Discovery Questionnaire. This step is important as it starts to form a brief for your project which will then be discussed in the next step.

I'm having trouble filling out the discovery questionnaire...

...I'm not sure what to write: That's okay, it might take a little bit of time to figure this out. Read this blog post which will help you get some tips and ideas before you commission a piece of jewellery.

...I don't like forms: No problem, not everyone likes filling in forms! Contact me so I can arrange to have a quick virtual chat with you. We'll talk through this instead and I'll fill in the form for you!

How long does it take to create a bespoke piece?

This depends upon the complexity of the design. Generally speaking, the bespoke jewellery design process can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks with quick communication on the project.

This is broken down as follows:

  • Once a Discovery Questionnaire is sent, I'll be in touch to arrange a discovery call at a time that suits you.
  • After this call, I create a moodboard with an outline of the brief and some design ideas within 2 weeks.
  • We have another discovery call to discuss design ideas and choose one to develop further.
  • At this stage a deposit is required to cover the design fees, once this is paid, your designs will be ready to review in 2-3 weeks.
  • We have another follow-up call where you choose your design, if no further design work is required then I start crafting your bespoke jewellery piece.
  • This process can take between 4-6 weeks depending upon your design. Please note this can take longer during busy periods such as Christmas, this may be due to circumstances outwith my control such as casting or hallmarking which are carried out elsewhere. If you're thinking about a bespoke piece for Christmas I advise you get in touch before September!
How much does it cost?

The cost varies according to the project.

At Laconic, you are provided with the following as a complimentary service:

  • Discovery Questionnaire that helps to outline a brief for your project.
  • Discovery call (30 minutes) to discuss your project and talk about the possibilities for your design.
  • Discovery moodboards and follow-up call (30 minutes) that helps you visualise different elements of your design; inspiration, materials, colours, shapes and textures.
  • Complimentary rough sketches, containing up to 6 design ideas to get the ball rolling with the design process and make sure we're both in alignment with how the design might take shape.

At this stage you will choose a design to be explored further and be required to make a deposit for the design fees charged at £150. This will be deducted from the final cost of your bespoke jewellery piece if you continue to proceed. Otherwise, this fee is non-refundable. If further design work is required, you will be charged an additional cost for this service, at £40 per hour.

Once you have chosen your design to be crafted, a deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required before work is carried out to cover any upfront costs, such as materials.

There may be additional fees if you decided to change your design as it is being crafted, charged depending upon the extra time and materials required.

Once your item is complete, you'll be required to pay the balance, minus the initial £150 design fee before you receive it.

Can I pay in installments?

Due to the nature of this process, payments are made at different stages of the bespoke jewellery design process.

The first payment is due after the complimentary services, which is an initial design fee of £150. If you continue with your project this will be deducted from the final invoice, otherwise this is not refundable.

The second payment is once you have chosen and confirmed your design. This is 50% of the quoted price and design work begins once this payment has been made.

The third and final payment is the remainder (minus the initial design fee of £150). This can be paid in more stages but your bespoke piece will be sent out once fully paid for.