Ring Sizing


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Use our handy ring sizer to measure an existing ring or to size the finger you'd like for your new ring to fit on.


Top Tips

When to measure

Measure fingers in the evening, this is when they are likely at their largest and will ensure a better fit. Our hands naturally change throughout the day. Be mindful not to measure for your ring size when hands are cold.

How do I know the best fit

When the ring goes on comfortably and has to be gently wiggled over the knuckle or finger, this indicates the best fit. There should be a bit of resistance, without any, you risk losing your ring when your hands are cooler.

How to measure secretively

Many rings, such as engagement rings, are of course a surprise. Try to measure from a ring they already wear, ideally on the same finger. If you have to use another ring that would normally fit on the index/middle finger, go for about 2 or 3 sizes smaller than this as a guide.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Use this chart to convert ring sizes from different countries.