Warranty & Guarantee

Each piece of Laconic jewellery is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to care. Laconic jewellery is guaranteed for 12 months, which covers any manufacturing faults but excludes fair wear and tear, accidental damage or misuse.

If you believe your item has a manufacturing fault, stop wearing it immediately and get in touch to discuss via email hello@laconicfinejewellery.co.uk.

We will inspect your piece and if the repair/damage is indeed due to a manufacturing fault we will repair it as appropriate without charge. 

Although we endeavour to craft jewellery that is made to last, please note that nothing is indestructible and if you do need a repair outside of this 12 month warranty period, you can contact us to arrange a quote hello@laconicfinejewellery.co.uk.

Any work done on your Laconic piece of jewellery (repair, sizing and any other work) by someone other than ourselves without prior consultation will void your warranty. 

Please note that the materials we work with are organic and each piece is handcrafted, not machine made, and will be by nature, irregular. There will be characteristics of each piece, inclusions in gemstones and colour variations and very slight variations in craftsmanship might be noticeable. These all add to the character of each piece and are not considered a defect.