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Inner Goddess

E already owned a piece of Laconic jewellery, and whilst watching a movie, she was inspired by the lead characters necklace. A gem set pendant with blue stones resembling a snowflake. The shape reminded her of the Laconic earrings she already owned.

She loved the idea of a necklace so much, we decided to combine the stories of these two winter goddesses to create an icy necklace. This is a piece that would celebrate a special milestone for E.

The shape slightly resembles the one that inspired it, with carved forms to imitate the silver folds in the earrings she owned. Set with a concave cut blue topaz which appears as if frozen ice.

The pendant is threaded onto the chain to appear as if it is floating, just as snowflakes would.

An icy silver necklace to embrace your inner goddess.

Sparkling celebration

R got in touch as his wife had a special birthday coming up and she’d briefly mentioned that she’d like a pair of diamond earrings a while back. Taking note, R got in touch to see if I’d be able to create these and a necklace to match too. He wanted these to be special, but also simple enough in design so that they could be worn everyday too.

Luckily his wife is a Laconic jewellery fan already so it was easy for me to check which pieces she had and base my designs upon these styles already worn everyday.

R already knew that his wife expressed interest in lab grown diamonds, I set about sourcing a few different types. From our discussion and initial designs, R settled on a round shaped stone, so I managed to source some for him to choose from.

The final designs are our take on a modern classic. Simple diamond studs which have removable earrings jackets ensure a versatile addition to any look. Whilst the matching pendant is the star of the show, incorporating all these elements with a larger diamond.

Eco pieces to be worn and treasured.

Modern heirlooms

J had inherited some pieces from her late Mother and wanted to create something new with them as their style wasn't something she would normally wear.

A fan of Art deco, we worked on designing and creating a set of two rings and some earrings she could wear to an upcoming event she had.

The stones were re-used from the original rings, and the gold was re-worked to transform these pieces. Geometric and angular shapes contrast with round and oval gems.

The earrings have a removable jacket to wear as a simple stud or drop earring. The rings can be worn together or independently for even more versatility.

A few months after J received these pieces, she got in touch to say that she had since found out the opal used in the ring I crafted for her used to be in her Mothers engagement ring.

The best part of this story is that she and her partner got engaged and decided to use this ring as her engagement ring too!



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